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Feminism: chat

Christians for LGBTI+Equality.

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OutsideVoice · 06/04/2022 21:28

I’ve seen this shared a few times on FB over the last couple of days.

I can fully believe that the CofE is naïve enough to believe that gender issues are nothing more than an enlightening personal journey, but I am fed up to the back teeth of so many people ignoring the obvious safeguarding issues that crop up around gender - the transing of vulnerable children, telling children all about gender and suggesting they can change sex, the obvious way that single sex rights are being effectively dismantled in favour of men.

I have a low opinion of the church anyway, but it has sunk to new depths.

Christians for LGBTI+Equality.
OP posts:

Etinoxaurus · 06/04/2022 21:51

They’re useful idiots.


horseymum · 06/04/2022 22:13

They don't speak for me as a Christian or many others I know. They just have loud voices.


Etinoxaurus · 06/04/2022 23:53

@horseymum I’m also Christian and Oasis are local to me and generally fantastic. Just not on this.


Muminabun · 07/04/2022 09:49

Actually the bible is not a free for all. It is a pretty prescriptive set of rules. If Christians had been stronger in their faith then the church would not have been so easily infiltrated by the evil of child sexual abuse. This is now coming into the church by another guise in my view. This letter reads like woke drivel which is unworthy of those in leadership positions and it does make me question their Motives.


SolasAnla · 07/04/2022 10:21

Did the legislation not include CT for homosexual people? The ones on a sacred journey to become whole, to have a relationship, a union, recognised and blessed by sacrament?
Would they marry two females if one said she was a male?

This is a we don't try pray the gay away letter.

It also builds a stable base for when people attack CoE (or any relegion's) infulance in UK culture. Change the letter to secular arguments for excluding conscious objection based on faith, from society as a whole.


Abitofalark · 08/04/2022 22:13

It's a group of Christians. It's not the C of E.


KittenKong · 09/04/2022 08:46

I worked for them when the first female bishop was ordained. I asked my boss why it took so long and he said that there was a small majority who had the biggest voice.

Maybe they have decided to back this donkey t because they did get backlash against being so … medieval when it came to female clergy. Although there have been trans vicars haven’t there?

Many I met - people my mum would call ‘holy willies’ - were well meaning but a bit ‘bleeding heart’ and people with a sob story really take advantage.

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