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Feminism: chat

PM admits trans women should not compete in women's sports events

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lightnesspixie · 06/04/2022 13:08

Whoop whoop for this. Pretty much the only time I would applaud something that comes out if his mouth ... Twitter will be ALIGHT today esp after recent decisions on trans conversion .. interested to hear your views ...

OP posts:

Kreuzberg · 06/04/2022 16:51

That and starmer agreeing when asked earlier about it. Good news.


IStandWithMaya · 06/04/2022 21:08

Well done Bozzer


thecatsmum12346 · 09/04/2022 15:08

Finally someone standing up for women. I’m in Northern Ireland. Remarkably only the DUP support women only spaces etc. I can’t wait to the yellow alliance party bangs my door looking for a vote.


bellinisurge · 09/04/2022 15:10

Did Starmer agree or is was there some Labour Party wiggle?


Grumpyoldpersonwithcats · 09/04/2022 15:17

Boris Johnson is a serial liar. Just because he's said one thing that you want to hear doesn't mean that he believes it and doesn't mean that any actions will be taken to support it.


bellinisurge · 09/04/2022 19:06

All he needs to do is nothing. Apart from say it. He's a criminally incompetent bastards. Doing nothing means self-ID doesn't become law. Saying it breaks the spell of de facto self ID.
I'll take that


NoHateOnlyDebate · 11/04/2022 13:11

Boris will say what he thinks people want to hear, I doubt he even believes most of the things he says.

He also has a very bad track record when it comes to his views on women.

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