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Lovely article about football history including women's football

3 replies

PermanentTemporary · 06/04/2022 11:08

Great link (Guardian) about the missing history of women's football.

OP posts:

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 19/04/2022 09:39

I love this. I’ll show my 10 yo footballing dd.


Whenyougonnalearn · 19/04/2022 09:40

It took a man though to bother to research and write it though!


nettie434 · 19/04/2022 19:45

Yes, the author of the article is a man but the curator is a woman. It's taken time for men's football history to be treated as a legitimate topic so it's not surprising that there that exhibitions like this are comparatively new.

I also read that all the tickets for England's games in the women's Euros have been sold out. The final is a sell out too. According to the BBC, it won't break the record for the match at the Nou Camp the other week but it will be the biggest crowd for a women's football game in England

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