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Violence Against Women and Girls in Sudan (TW: extremely distressing)

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WTF475878237NC · 06/04/2022 03:54

I'm not sure if anyone else heard the report on radio four today. The war crimes committed 20 years ago in Sudan are now being heard in Court.

The BBC summarised it here:

The first trial for atrocities committed in Darfur has opened at the International Criminal Court (ICC), nearly 20 years after violence tore through the Sudanese region.

One woman's story has me in tears and I can't stop thinking about her. I feel like I need to say somewhere how sorry I am for her and her baby.

To the mother who was murdered and whose infant breastfed from her after she'd died: your little boy was loved and nurtured by you to the very end. I hope you know peace. I'm so sorry.

OP posts:

Leobynature · 06/04/2022 04:53

Very sad. Do you have a link to these stories?


WTF475878237NC · 27/04/2022 19:19

@Leobynature sorry for the delay I didn't see your reply.

This isn't the original report mentioned on the radio four show of the historical cases. I can't find that. But if you search for 2005 sources you'll see it was first referred to the ICC way back then following the conflict in 2003 and there are thousands of pages of prosecution evidence online.

I have attached the link for an update on the situation in the South. I haven't read the full report start to finish as it's so upsetting so have been reading in pieces.

OP posts:

SW1amp · 27/04/2022 19:25

That’s so horrific, I had no idea

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and May all those women find peace and justice

my heart breaks for the girls of that country knowing what fate they might face


ScreamingMeMe · 27/04/2022 21:38

Absolutely horrific, but important to learn about.

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