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Feminism: chat

'The court heard he grabbed her around the neck and the next thing he knew she was dead.'

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Northernlurker · 04/04/2022 16:12

From the reporting of the Jade Marsh murder trial today.

Her ex has admitted responsibility for killing her but denies he meant to do it.

She was stabbed and strangled.

I'm so so done with reading about these awful inadequate men who 'accidentally ' strangle women.

How about you don't put your hands round somebody's neck and apply pressure?

I note women appear able to resist this sort of non-intentional killing.

And it's reported nobody has had the nerve to tell the kids what happened to their mum yet. Great illustration of the rights and importance of Women and children at the bottom of priority list there.

Rip Jade

OP posts:

SpringCalling · 04/04/2022 19:18

ugh, this just keeps happening ...


Rightsraptor · 10/04/2022 22:11

Not sure how much we should comment on if the case is live, but it seems odd that someone could strangle and stab another person, yet say they didn't intend to kill.


Northernlurker · 12/04/2022 21:07

He was convicted a week ago and sentenced to 25 years today.

The jury weren't buying his bollocks thankfully

OP posts:

BewareTheBeardedDragon · 12/04/2022 21:17

Justice at least but so so sad. RIP Jade. Her poor kids.


MrMrsJones · 12/04/2022 21:27

Finally a proper sentence

That poor woman and her poor kids


Rightsraptor · 12/04/2022 21:37

Yes, a good sentence at least. RIP Jade.


DoubleYouOhEmAyEn · 12/04/2022 21:40

Yet another victim of male rage and overpowering strength. RIP Jade, and all the others like her.


Circumferences · 12/04/2022 22:06

Thank God he didn't get away with it, as so many men have done
"Sex gone wrong" as a defense needs to be consigned to history asap.


UsernameNotAvailableHmm · 13/04/2022 12:52

RIP Jade
I hope your children are being cared for
Glad to hear your killer didn't get away with mans laughter


EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 13/04/2022 17:08


He was convicted a week ago and sentenced to 25 years today.

The jury weren't buying his bollocks thankfully

So often the charges are minimised in such a way that they jury doesn't really get an opportunity to vote as they think. Natalie Connolly's trial always comes to mind as one of the worst examples of this. Manslaughter by gross negligence and he served less than 2 years.
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