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Met PCSO arrested on suspicion of outraging public decency

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ScreamingMeMe · 01/04/2022 14:49

There is a video in this tweet (it's not very graphic but you can tell what he's doing i.e. masturbating, in broad daylight in a park):

Statement from The Met. He has been arrested.

I am pleased this has been dealt with quickly. But jesus wept, why are some men so vile, and why do so many of these types end up in The Met?

OP posts:

happydappy2 · 01/04/2022 21:52

Eww, that is grosse….on so many levels.


ScreamingMeMe · 01/04/2022 22:05

And I've just become aware of this one

"A Met Police officer has admitted upskirting a woman while she tried on clothes in a Primark fitting room in south London.

PC Swaleh Chaudhry pleaded guilty to using his phone to secretly film the woman in Wandsworth.

He appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court where he also admitted to having over 1,000 indecent images of children."

Seriously : why does The Met have so many perverts, misogynists and racists?

OP posts:

FlibbertyGiblets · 03/04/2022 19:38

Oh my god that is truly disgusting, barf. Bloody hell.

And the Met again and AGAIN, wtf is going on?


EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 05/04/2022 11:31

Of course it was the Met.

And, of course, it's completely unreasonable of women to mistrust the Met, Police in general, shops that facilitate this sort of action…

And, tbh, I don't believe it's just the Met.

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