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TW - Murder. I find this wording odd...

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CarbonelCat · 31/03/2022 15:25

This is a report of a horrible attack. I found this line really oddly worded though. Wasn't she his victim too?

"The court heard he had inflicted 58 wounds on Mr Hibbert and also turned the knife on his victim's wife as she called 999."

OP posts:

girlmom21 · 31/03/2022 15:34

It's strange that they divulge his injuries too but not hers.


CarbonelCat · 31/03/2022 16:29

I've jist read a linked report in which they again refer to him but not her as "his victim"

OP posts:

RoseslnTheHospital · 31/03/2022 21:09

Yes, it's very odd, and sadly typical to relegate a woman to being an adjunct of a man. It would make more sense if they talked about first and second victim, or initial and subsequent. It does seem as though Mr Hibbert was the initial focus of the attack, before the perpetrator decided to attack Michelle Hibbert.


DoubleYouOhEmAyEn · 31/03/2022 21:15

Yes, I thought that when I read this article earlier. Its bias towards the default male. He's the victim, his wife was also stabbed and killed but he's the victim. She's just the victims wife.


CarbonelCat · 31/03/2022 23:40

I agree.

I think they may be focussing on the motive as you say @RoseslnTheHospital and so he was the intended victim, but it's so odd not to see her as a victim too. And to describe his wounds but just leave her death as an add on.

Poor family regardless.

OP posts:

MiniatureHotdog · 31/03/2022 23:49

Yes I thought that when I read it.

There were two victims. Not a victim, and oh yeah, his wife too Hmm


CarbonelCat · 01/04/2022 09:21

It actually makes me feel really sad that wording like this is not flagged up in anyone's head as potentially problematic before it's published.

And yet, so many women, like us, will read it and know that again, the woman's death is somehow less than the interest in both the man's death and the male perpetrator.

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