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Sonia O'Sullivan - Another Olympian Speaks Up

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zanahoria · 24/03/2022 11:52

^For me the only solution is to front up on the matter, not sit on the fence here, and decide that transgender athletes cannot be allowed into women’s events. We need to be certain about this.

There was a lot of talk around athletes with differences in sexual development (DSD) before any decision was made, and by then it was too late – championships had come and gone and athletes missed out on medals and more.

It all comes back to the reasons why we have a women’s sporting category in the first place. It’s so that women can compete against the same gender, at the same level.^

Great piece from an Olympic silver medal winners, clear and to the point and no equivocating about testosterone levels or whatever just the simple message that women's sport is for women.

Everytime a great athlete speaks up it gives me a boost

OP posts:

SecondRow · 24/03/2022 14:30

Thanks @zanahoria, just came looking for a thread on this.

Sonia O'Sullivan is the exact person Irish sport needs to hear from on this, I am so delighted to see it. I am sure her name is still well known internationally too.

As well as her impressive career she has always come across as such a down to earth and genuine person. And she is the mother of two daughters.

If the Irish sporting establishment has a problem with her position they are going to need to come up with some serious engagement on the issues because this cannot be handwaved away any more.


zanahoria · 24/03/2022 15:55

OP posts:
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