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Feminism: chat

Kanye West Removed From Insta

6 replies

Smokeahontas · 17/03/2022 15:44

Posting in here to make a point about the difference.

His account has finally been banned - and rightly so - after he used a racial slur against Trevor Noah. Yet he was allowed to continually harass and abuse Kim Kardashian for months, including threats of violence?

OP posts:

Ostryga · 17/03/2022 15:47

He hasn’t been banned - it’s still up now. He’s just been blocked from posting for 24 hours.


Smokeahontas · 17/03/2022 17:08

Ok, blocked for 24 hours. But my point is still kind of the same, I wonder why only now?

OP posts:

DragonOverTheMoon · 17/03/2022 17:10

He's on tiktok making monologues now.. all about his family and praying they get taken to church on Sundays Hmm


MrsTerryPratchett · 17/03/2022 17:10

I agree. Misogyny is allowed on most platforms.


MrsTerryPratchett · 17/03/2022 17:31

I've been very impressed with Noah and his take on all this.


ScreamingMeMe · 17/03/2022 22:04


I've been very impressed with Noah and his take on all this.

Me too (and he's not someone I generally rate highly).

Jeez Kanye, get some bloody help, man. He's out of control. It mustne so scary for Kim.
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