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TimesScotland re 10 yr olds abused

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butnobodytoldme · 17/03/2022 11:43

You don't necessarily need to be black, but in official care, and not 'rich', and from the age of ten, you too can get a George Flloyd neck/knee hold among other treatment in Scotland, systematically condoned/covered up, with whistleblowers rather than abusers being pursued.

For all the decades Ampleforth has existed, 'everyone' knew, but maybe nobody dared to speak because they would be setting themselves against over-powerful men. And maybe few cared because what was done was just an extreme of what happened to all 'rich' boys, the ones who would go on to take their disturbed minds to govern UK and their 'chosen' religions. (Churchill "the British send their children away to school to be bullied, buggered and beaten")

Who knew the other Scottish stuff? This is like the Rochdale saga. The Times article has three links under it to similar stories, and how whistleblowers are pursued . Understandably, comments are off, because what can anyone add, by expressions of their emotion of horror, when the facts are already printed?

There are some MNers who can do a link to Times.

OP posts:

Lovelyricepudding · 23/03/2022 20:16

You have muddled up two articles. The restraint was in specialist SEBM school in Edinburgh. Ampleforth is in Yorkshire. What happened in both is unacceptable

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