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Feminism: chat

"Feminists shouldn’t be defending John Bercow" Kate Maltby The Times:

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Abitofalark · 16/03/2022 14:09

"Some of Bercow’s defenders claim to be feminists. ...The determined group of people who have organised against bullying and harassment of Commons staff are all female junior staff, largely anonymous and unrecognised. Feminists should recognise this pattern.
A series of reports have detailed a widespread culture of sexual harassment in parliament, predominantly experienced by women. Bercow sat at the top of this system."

"Deborah Frances-White is one of Britain’s biggest podcasters, thanks to The Guilty Feminist, which she created with the Danish comedian Sofie Hagen."
In December Frances-White launched a new podcast with a co-host: John Bercow.
Frances-White has passionately defended her co-star – December’s series featured a bonus episode in which Bercow gave “his side”, attacking complainants. It was a pre-emptive strike before the report’s release: Bercow’s victims were unable to respond because they were bound not to speak publicly at this point.
Last week Frances-White popped up again to defend Bercow on Twitter.
Men like Bercow and Vaz have covered for each other for years. We don’t need women to do it for them."

OP posts:
SwissBall · 16/03/2022 23:00

Mridul Wadhwa, John Bercow... why is DFW supporting these men? I’m glad she’s been publicly called out over it.

SpinningTheSeedsOfLove · 16/03/2022 23:04

How has one woman become 'feminists', though?

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