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Margaret thatcher making a speech interrupted by coughing man....

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rabbitwoman · 14/03/2022 20:13

I am trying to find a clip I have seen of Mrs thatcher making a speech. The man sat next to her was deliberately coughing loudly all the way through to try and undermine her.... Can anyone help?

(by the way, I am no fan of Mrs thatcher)

OP posts:

nettie434 · 17/03/2022 21:58

I've been trying to rack my brains about this Rabbitwoman.

My only thought is that it was Ted Heath when Margaret Thatcher stood against him as leader of the Conservative party. She was seen as the underdog in terms of winning. She only stood because the main rival to Ted Heath, Keith Joseph, made an awful speech which was interpreted as virtually in favour of eugenics. It meant he knew he would not get enough support from the other MPs to defeat Heath. Ted Heath never forgave her for beating him and they remained on bad terms for the rest of their lives.

It's quite frustrating with pre internet stuff. Political biographers will still need to look at old newspapers!

Anyway, not sure if this is my memory being very wobbly but maybe it will jog someone else's memory.


butnobodytoldme · 20/03/2022 13:09

I hope you find this. It is such a good example of a behaviour and attitude we all battled. And still do.
I'm minded of some extraordinarily senior woman, just getting on with the fact that in board meetings she will still be simply ignored as if she never spoke, and must simply wait until a man makes the same point, to acclaim.


OneEpisode · 22/03/2022 05:50

You’ve watched Edward Heath in this video?


ClaudiusTheGod · 23/03/2022 19:38

@OneEpisode That’s excellent

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