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Feminism: chat

Will women be more likely now to be 'allowed' sterilisation?

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EvelynBeatrice · 13/03/2022 20:06

Given that the courts are clear that some under 16s are to be regarded as having capacity to agree to take drugs off licence (puberty blockers) statistically likely to lead on to cross sex hormones and potentially life changing surgery (various under 18 transboys in Scotland I believe have had mastectomies on the NHS) will NHS consultants and other gatekeepers accept that there is no longer any justification for denying adult women sterilisation on request?

OP posts:

AnneLovesGilbert · 13/03/2022 20:07

One would hope.


butnobodytoldme · 14/03/2022 13:40

@EvelynBeatriceWhat a brilliant connection.

Sterilisation, contraception and abortion. It's astounding either men or women can consent to cosmetic surgery, while not all women can yet control their own fertility.

Melinda Gates, though Catholic, went round the world speaking to women, and that, above all, was the one thing they wanted.

Bill, however, merely boasts that thanks to him there are billions of extra people alive in Africa.

Why does anyone (men) assume they have an entitlement to force women to have babies?

There's a File on Four on Reproductive Coercion

I've seen documentaries (male-led) about 'cleverly' triumphantly 'saving' an African woman's fertility and 'preventing miscarriage' resulting in filming her as she is presented with yet another starving baby to add to her collection (I noted that nothing the film crew could do would change her miserable despairing apathy to the required 'joyful smile' )

Another long feature followed an Indian boy, who had been evicted from his packed family home when the latest baby arrived. He thrived well, getting to a train, to a city, to a factory job, friends in his own situation, a safe home with them under a bridge, and as far as possible, a comfortable existence. Then a Western (male-led) film crew 'rescued' him from the job others competed for. The employer (whom the crew ensured was arrested, driven out of business, and imprisoned for having some under-age employees) was not unpleasant. He paid fairly for hours worked. The only alternative was starving or begging or being a child prostitute or working for drug gangs or pickpockets. The crew dragged the boy all the way to his home village, to film what they assumed (why?) would be a joyous re-union, followed by pleasure, play and schooling, just like a USA child's life. Instead, he was met with furious shouts and blows, and beaten back out of the door.
Princess Anne is admirable, but why doesn't she Stop 'Saving' children and Start 'Stopping' children instead?

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