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War rape Videos - Ukrainian women and their suffering

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SapatSea · 11/03/2022 23:25


Julie Bindel (short) article on various ways women are suffering as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Videos of Rapes by Russian soldiers being hosted on PornHub, escalation of sexual violence, trafficking and abduction of refugees (to be repeatedly raped)for the" sex industry "in Europe.

OP posts:
Baaaa · 12/03/2022 06:39

Thanks for sharing. This needs to be reported on the main news channels. Word needs to get out. The world needs to be outraged.

YetAnotherChanger · 12/03/2022 09:07

Pornhub does not have a new category: “Ukrainian girls and war rape videos”; it is dominated by Russian soldiers documenting disgustingly brutal crimes.

SapatSea · 12/03/2022 18:56

Thanks for that. I'll have to take Juie Blindel's word for it as I have no interest in visiting PornHub to verify it.

OP posts:
greasyshoes · 21/03/2022 22:43

It's fake news. A quick visit to Pornhub will confirm that no such category exists. As rape porn is illegal in many countries, the staff at Pornhub are never going to officially promote it.

JayAlfredPrufrock · 21/03/2022 22:46

Pornhub has morals.


greasyshoes · 21/03/2022 22:47


Pornhub having or not having morals is irrelevant. Pornhub has to abide by the law.

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