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Feminism: chat

Am I missing something - does this company not care about sexism/misogyny?

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MsFogi · 11/03/2022 18:49

Investigate the racism but ignore misogyny?
I get the RoF email each week and I've read and re-read this one. It seems as though the bank did a -white-wash- investigation into racism but somehow the misogyny and sexism directed towards a female manager has been totally ignored. And all the comments focus on the racism (which is clearly horrific) but no one seems to give a damn about calling women in the office 'cunts'. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like being a woman and/or ethnic minority and still having that chap swanning around the office after his non-apology.
Am I missing something?

OP posts:

crunchermuncher · 27/03/2022 20:10

Well that sounds like a delightful working environment! Confused

I am maybe being naive but I've never thought of 'cunt 'as a particularly sexist slur, in fact I've only heard it used against men? Nasty but not sexist, unlike bitch.

Either way, that guy sounds awful.


MangyInseam · 27/03/2022 23:39

I think cunt has different implications depending on where you are. Here in North America is it somewhat a stronger insult than in the UK I would say, even places in the UK that see it as a serious swear word. I've only heard it here in Canada said out loud a handful of times, even when I was in the army.


wibdib · 29/03/2022 14:04

Don't think you're missing anything OP - and I'm sure the individuals involved know exactly how little women are valued vs the men Sad

Curious as to the different views on the word cunt - I've always thought of it as an incredibly rude thing to say to or about women - definitely sexist, much worse than using bitch. Never heard of used in terms of men.

Also seems to be bandied around by Americans much more readily than Brits - if a Brit used it then I'd know that they wanted to shock or draw attention to what they were saying and the (female) person they were talking about, whereas if an American used it, I would think it's still bad but more in line with callng someone a bitch...

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