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Jon Bercow-banned from Parliament for life after bullying behaviour

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happydappy2 · 08/03/2022 13:10

Jon Bercow, who blocked an urgent question from David Davies in the House of Commons, on trans women in womens prisons-has been banned from Parliament for life after behaving in such an inappropriate bullying manner towards staff-including sexual and racial discrimination.

Jon has extremely close ties to Stonewall & Edward Lord. Yet another man who claims the moral high ground while acting inappropriately .

How the mighty has fallen

OP posts:

HumphreyCobblers · 08/03/2022 13:23


Goodness. How I do dislike that man. However I never thought this would happen. Am amazed and pleased. I thought he would get away with it.


mumsiedarlingrevolta · 08/03/2022 13:27

Delighted to see the truth coming out.

Can't help wondering why on Earth it took so long but glad to have gotten there in the end.

Odious self serving man


Choppingonions · 08/03/2022 14:02

Hmmm while the fire place salesman gets a knighthood.

I'm sure that was all balanced and rational.

The games we play...


balalake · 09/03/2022 07:19

Justice in my opinion, though wishing the same standards applied to members of the government.


EthelTheAardvark · 09/03/2022 11:12

Well, quite. Priti Patel, anyone? The fact that he was considerably tougher with Johnson's lies than the current incumbent is unlikely to be irrelevant to this.


beguilingeyes · 09/03/2022 11:16

I'm saddened by this. I wish he was still speaker.
Priti Patel got a promotion...

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