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Feminism: chat

Feminist resources for boys/young people

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IWDhelp · 07/03/2022 19:53

My son has been questioning the need for feminism. Today he was annoyed by an IWD assembly.... sounded like women don't want equality they want special treatment etc. He responds fairly well to statistics but doesn't really change views. Any websites or resources for young people, or tips in general welcomed.

OP posts:

Justtryingtobehelpful · 09/03/2022 09:12

Gail Dines does great work on the pornified culture in which we are saturated. She also has a charity about discussing porn with kids especially boys. Her documentaries are meant to be brilliant.
Invisible women does a great job on breaking down the statistics. She had an ongoing newsletter.
The Gender Pay Gap Bot in Twitter is good.
Nordic Model Now looks at how the pumps and punters are never spoken about on media. They explode the Sex Work is Work nonsense.
Women's International Declaration does great work on the implications of gender BS legally across the world.
The website finishing women athletes to teenage boy athletes is illuminating for the impact on sports.
Depends what you want to talk to him about?
Why Women are Blamed for Everything
Book would be useful to get a greater sense of it society wide.
Dr. Jessica Taylor's website blog is outstanding.

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