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Feminism: chat

Times article: surrogacy

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Bakingdiva · 06/03/2022 15:16

I saw this article today about same sex surrogacy.

Peter Dundas on surrogacy: ‘People think, oh, same-sex couples — they buy a baby’

One particular phrase jumped out at me (screenshot attached).

I had to check if read it right - KK was going to give them her surrogate - GIVE!!!!!!

Times article: surrogacy
OP posts:

Jackiebrambles · 06/03/2022 18:13

Yes I was also disgusted by that line and had to re read twice. Of course The times have turned off comments, god forbid their subscribers have something to say about it.


EventuallyDelighted · 06/03/2022 18:26

Even more tone deaf when they pubiished this article about surrogacy in Ukraine on the same day ‘Bring our unborn British babies home from Ukrainian surrogate mothers.


TheWeeDonkey · 06/03/2022 18:42

I hate all of this. Those men are so entitled, they're comparing egg harvesting with going into a cubicle with a wank mag. I had to stop reading after that it's raising my blood pressure.


Delphinium20 · 06/03/2022 18:54

That's who you're really having a baby with. That's the genes. *We had to be super picky
All of this is so, so vile. Picking women (young women 18,19, 20 who haven't had children mind you) as if they were paint colors or lipsticks. And then the dismissal of the surrogate mother (guess they aren't really having the baby with her).

It's eugenics. It's baby trafficking. It's exploitation of women. It's the buying, selling and renting of human beings.

And fuck Kim Kardashian thinking she can give a woman to a man for a baby. Biblical, isn't it? Like Sarah who gave her enslaved woman to her husband to rape. This is The Handmaid's Tale.


Jackiebrambles · 06/03/2022 19:00

The Ukrainian surrogates article has comments turned on, vast majority in agreement with the comments here….


EventuallyDelighted · 06/03/2022 21:19

Most of the comments that disagree are from one person


OhHolyJesus · 08/03/2022 08:49

May I suggest that any complaints be sent to The Times?

I'll be sending another round, though I have to say, overall there is a general balance between the pro and against if you look at it as a whole.


OhHolyJesus · 08/03/2022 08:50

More discussion here

Surrogacy in Ukraine - Times article


SpiderVersed · 08/03/2022 09:04

So they spent a year “casting” their egg donor, fell out with their first surrogate and ended up going through 4 women to get their designer baby? And are using a fifth now for a sibling?

An industry renting women’s bodies. Obscene.

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