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Feminism: chat

Ben Cohen pushing double mascectomies

4 replies

Glinner · 05/03/2022 21:44

Has everyone seen this? Ben Cohen, spreading ROGD like it's in danger of going out of fashion.

The man should be in jail.

OP posts:

ScreamingMeMe · 06/03/2022 13:15

That's horrendous. Pink News needs to change its name to Pink, White and Blue Propaganda.


Delphinium20 · 06/03/2022 19:01

I knew I shouldn't have looked at those threads. So disturbing to see children in those photos. Young girls who seem so utterly vulnerable and deeply naive. Naive might be too soft a word. Horrifically deceived.

I don't know what Cohen's motivation is. Is it some god complex? Hatred of women? Patriarchal dominance? Ghoul?

Please don't view those Twitter threads if you have young teen girls and aren't prepared for having your soul ripped out. Seriously. I'm going to go hug my daughters now and then walk outside.


MidCenturyClegs · 11/03/2022 08:21

@Delphinium20 I didn't heed your warning in time and had a look at that thread. Chilled me to the bone.
Made me think I need to let go on the small things I argue with my daughters about; umpteen towels used whilst showering, toothpaste spat all over the bathroom mirror, a constant trail of clothes discarded around the house. Breathe. Plan fun more things to do, keep them close.


FrancescaContini · 12/03/2022 14:51

Absolutely fucking horrendous. Angry

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