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IWD 2022 - I need some speedy info please!

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KittenKong · 04/03/2022 13:23

So the UN_unwomen have something running and I have seen a hashtag doing the rounds #BreakTheBias on

I have to pull ideas together fast - technical industry, pretty male (RICS has well hacked me off!).

Are there any women supporting campaigns (sex not gender)?

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KittenKong · 04/03/2022 14:03

Before I have a stroke!

If anyone knows of any organisations or campaigns that isn't all 'women, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people' (so what, most of the whole bloody planet???) do let me know.

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OhHolyJesus · 04/03/2022 19:16

Maybe something from EU, Science-based? Avoid UN Women.

I think Break the Bias relates to employment and the sex-based pay gap. What does the official campaign say?

Will try to think something more useful!


KittenKong · 04/03/2022 19:18

It just made me want to vomit when I did some poking around on the internet. All to organisations and companies who have basically pooed on woman from a great height waxing lyrical about how much they are doing for IWD (gender not sex of course) and then I did find one charity group who looked the business and that’s where my quote above came from…

The official campaign are in bed with some large corps - and the girl guides… gimme a break.


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KittenKong · 04/03/2022 19:20

I got so cross I gave up. Then a friend was telling me about how their huuuuuge firm had just realised today that it was next week (and they mark every rainbow ever and have a team of overpaid ‘I&D’ ninnies) and were debating whether they should Eve bother.

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Cuck00soup · 06/03/2022 14:29

I've taken break the bias on at our workplace but made sure it is centred on women and girls.

I may have been selective with the signs for social media too.


KittenKong · 06/03/2022 14:33

Yes I’d seen that one - aren’t they supported by (what’s your pronouns) LinkedIn and (no comment) the girl guides?

Not many stand up to scrutiny!

Than and I’ve got a beef with RIBA and RICS so I need to make sure I make that clear.

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KittenKong · 06/03/2022 17:48

Oof just looking for quotes now. Too many American ones… shoot try to find Brit ones. Have seen some JKR but that would be literal violence 🙄…. Maybe I make my own up and invent an author.

‘F* this shit, get out of my way’ Katherine Kong

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Nowayhozay · 06/03/2022 18:01

I think I must be missing something here, is it UN Women that you are upset with ?


KittenKong · 06/03/2022 18:14

I’m hacked off with UN women and their stance that anyone who feels/says they are a woman is one. Not all that happy with the official website as they are supported by a businesses and organisations who have made similar comments/rules in the past.

RICS and RIBA are just playing silly buggers at the moment (this is the industry I work in).

I guess I’m hacked off with most of the world right now!

OP posts:

OhHolyJesus · 07/03/2022 12:43

It's shit isn't it?

I'd suggest that the best thing to do is stick to known hashtags like WomenInSTEM or make it clear (without attracting too much attention and inviting a pile on) that you are referring to women as adult human females.

Could you say something like "addressing the sex-based pay gap" or even just "pay gap" rather than mentioning 'gender equality'.

The mental gymnastics required to avoid all this is exhausting but maybe you can side step it? It is hard with a work account as you don't want to draw too much attention and yet also draw attention to the lies being told!


spongedog · 08/03/2022 19:37

Thank you for this thread = I haven't known how to respond and want to - partic wrt single sex spaces. I am seeing this from arts organizations.

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