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Paulette Hamilton MP and accusations of extremism

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nettie434 · 04/03/2022 07:44

Paulette Hamilton has just been elected MP for Birmingham Erdington following the death of Jack Dromey. She is a black woman and an ex nurse who returned to work in Covid vaccination clinics.

Footage has emerged of her comments in a meeting which have been used to argue she supports the 'bullet over the ballot' in terms of achieving equality for black people.

I've looked at the footage and it seems to me that the remarks are taken out of context. To me, she is arguing that the consequences of violent protests would be too severe to be justifiable for the black community. She is also using the example of Muslim activists as a model for black campaigners.

The usual suspects like Guido Fawkes are condemning her as a dangerous woman. It feels like racial stereotyping. Are they looking to treat her like the new Diane Abbott in terms of race and gender stereotyping?

OP posts:

jlpartnerrs · 04/03/2022 11:38

Yes they are - I live in Birmingham and have been following the election. It's a smear campaign. This is the age of disinformation where everything you say will be re-posted out of context and against you. It will be twice as hard for women - as the internets is run by men (mostly)


nettie434 · 04/03/2022 12:15

Thanks. Good to have information from 'on the ground'. I looked at the names of some of the MPs supporting her. For such a dangerous radical, she had a lot of mainstream support Grin She comes across well I think. She will be an asset to Parliament.

OP posts:

Thelnebriati · 07/03/2022 00:11

I don't know if she had advance notice of the questions, but I thought that was an awkward one to ask a politician, and she gave an intelligent answer.

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