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Feminism: chat

Raquel Rosario Sanchez

2 replies

HotSauceCommittee · 03/03/2022 09:09

Hi all. Raquel's case v University of Bristol was being heard in early February (7th-14th as I understood).
Why no news? I just searched the web and had to click on a Daily Mail link, that also contained no recent news.
Does anyone have any more knowledge of this, such as when we can expect a judgment?
I am rooting for her.

OP posts:

ScreamingMeMe · 03/03/2022 14:17

Hi OP. There have been a few threads on this on the Sex and Gender board.

Raquel wrote in The Mail last week:

Update thread here:

Thread about her witness statement:

And Raquel popped up here:

I really hope she wins her case. It's been disgraceful bullying of a young WOC by white middle-class brats, and Bristol Uni has behaved appallingly too.


Roseglen84 · 07/04/2022 18:02

If anyone wants to donate to Raquel's crowdfunder you can find her on Crowdjustice, just search her name.

She still has a way to go to reach her target, so all digging will be appreciated.

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