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Shocking story of female FIFA world cup official raped in Qatar

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OP posts:

Ohjustboreoff · 22/02/2022 21:37

I lived in the Middle East for years and it doesn't surprise me that crap like this is still going on. The misogyny that a lot of Arabic men show is truly astounding in this day and age. But what is more shocking is western people still go over there in droves and also investing money there then whine when they are arrested for the tiniest amount of drugs or having sex outside marriage. This treatment of a SA victim is truly repugnant but does not surprise me.


Whitefire · 22/02/2022 21:41

I knew before I even opened the thread, let alone read the article what the detail would be. Absolutely disgraceful that this happens but is why women are (should be?) advised not to report a rape in certain countries.

I hope she is now safe and the Mexico government can continue to make sure she is.


Redshoeblueshoe · 22/02/2022 21:47

Remind me - why is this being held in Qatar ?


Kimilybob · 22/02/2022 21:52

It beggars belief, that poor woman. Makes me so grateful to live in UK , i cant imagine what it must be like to have to suffer like this with no chance to change things.


Redshoeblueshoe · 22/02/2022 22:01

David Beckham is being paid £150 million to be the face of Qatar.


LilithOfEden · 22/02/2022 23:04


Remind me - why is this being held in Qatar ?

FIFA's lack of scruples, Sepp Blatter's ego and probably the odd bung.

butnobodytoldme · 23/02/2022 13:06

Hmm...I won't read it, already know what it will be, and the only thing I think is shocking is that I am not the least shocked, or even slightly surprised
It's shocking that it is taken for granted, routine, normal, as the first response from OhBOff said

I won't be shocked at any rape in UK or anywhere else, since it is not unusual, to the point of being perfectly normal ordinary, only to be expected. That's just what men do. Always have, always will. And the NAMALTS can just shut up, until the day they stop it.

There's a virtual reality site for under thirteens, by Bezos, hiding behind our own dear Nick Clegg, isn't that lovely, showing a kiddie-attraction setting, where adult men.......

The infuriating thing is, VR could in fact be brilliant. It could mean housebound people could tour the world, so could anyone, and without harming the planet.

But everywhere, everywhere, the men who Are Like That need to be kept out. And every man must be assumed to be liable to Be Like That, because there is absolutely no way of predicting which man Is Like That.
(In fact, for every type of offence, even stealing a biscuit, it is known that simple opportunity is a major factor)
You cannot keep hens and let any foxes roam freely among them. No, not even the nice tame ones, and no, not even the ones who say they are chickens, and no, not even if they wear chicken costumes and have a Species Change Recognition Certificate.

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