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Women who should have a blue plaque?

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MsFogi · 20/02/2022 10:50

Just rushing to help the dc with her homework at the end of half term. Wise feminist MNers, which wonderful women are still missing a well-deserved blue plaque (on googling it seems English Heritage filled a number of gaping holes a few years ago)?

OP posts:

VelvetChairGirl · 20/02/2022 15:25

I genuinely have no idea who has one.


JoyousAsOtters · 20/02/2022 20:33

Looks like Barbara Castle doesn’t have one - you can check on English Heritage website here


Itsalmostanaccessory · 20/02/2022 20:42

I dont think Dorothy Lawrence has one. She probably should.


JoyousAsOtters · 20/02/2022 20:48

Judith Kerr lived in London and doesn’t have one


SpikeySmooth · 20/02/2022 20:54

Emily Wilding Davison Suffragette
Dame Cicely Saunders Nurse Doctor and palliative care pioneer. Founder of St Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham, South London. (I thought she had one but it's not coming up)
Claudia Jones, founder of the Notting Hill Carnival
Hannah Dadds first female Underground train operator
Sislun Fay Allen First black and female poluce officer in the UK


SpikeySmooth · 20/02/2022 20:55

*police Confused


ErrolTheDragon · 22/02/2022 15:16

That page just seems to be about London blue plaques, which may explain some of the omissions. I wonder if there's a list of the various similar schemes around the country?

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