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Feminism: chat

Andi Oliver on How To Fail podcast

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Lottapianos · 17/02/2022 13:40

I listened to her episode this morning and really enjoyed it, these little gems in particular:

When she was a child, she got sick to death of her brother being allowed to do stuff that she wasn't, so demanded to be called Andi (instead of Andrea) because she 'wanted to be a boy'

Interviewer asked if she was a child today, would she want to change her pronouns too. She dismissed that idea and said it was only because she wanted to do what her brother could do when they were kids

She is sick of everyone labelling themselves and finds it very tiring

She wants everyone to live their best lives etc but doesn't want to have to hear about it all the time Grin

She pointed out that Harry Styles wearing a dress is nothing new. Guys wearing make up - nothing new

She's sick of teenagers explaining stuff to get like it's the most revolutionary idea ever, when to her it's old news Smile

She did everything but say I'm gender critical '. Really enjoyable interview and I recommend it, although be warned there are some very dark themes explored earlier in the recording. Good for you Andi!

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SpiderVersed · 17/02/2022 14:31

She's a very interesting woman, I have a lot of time for her.


Lottapianos · 17/02/2022 18:04

She really is. I didn't know much about her, but really liked and admired her by the end

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JayAlfredPrufrock · 17/02/2022 18:07

She looks like someone who would take no shit from anyone.


TofuDelights · 17/02/2022 18:42

This is good to hear! She is doing a programme on BBC 2 with her daughter about the Caribbean which has also been quite interesting, and at times quite emotional too. I really like her so pleased to hear her views on this.


CorrBlimeyGG · 17/02/2022 18:50

You couldn't be more wrong about her being gender critical, she's posted her support of trans women several times. And she told Glinner to get fucked.

She's pretty awesome.


Lottapianos · 18/02/2022 08:28

Well maybe she's had a bit of a rethink Corr. Maybe having young trendy people coming out and celebrating their 'gender identity' in her face non stop has made her re-evaluate and see what a load of nonsense it is. Or maybe not. I'm just sharing what she said

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StrawberrySquirrelThief · 18/02/2022 08:32

I believe she also stood up for JKR though. She does the Kitchen Cabinet show with Rachel McCormack who is very definitely GC.


Lottapianos · 18/02/2022 14:06

'I believe she also stood up for JKR though.'

That's good to hear

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