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Ali Wong's new Netflix special

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FeliciaMcAspieGreer · 16/02/2022 20:02

Anyone else watched this? I loved the last two, but something about this one made me feel uncomfortable and I hardly laughed. Probably her jokes about how she enjoys 'rapey' sex.

Is it my internalised misogyny, holding a female comedian to higher standards than a man? Shouldn't women be able to confidently express their own sexuality no matter what...I don't know anymore, so coming here for input from wiser feminists.

OP posts:

ShoppingWomble · 16/02/2022 23:29

I saw it and also didn't enjoy it nearly as much as her other two shows. Maybe that's partly running out of new things to say in show three and having to be more outrageous to make up for it?

But yes the rapey sex stuff was creepy. It felt like she was trying to be a "cool girl" - showing how happy she was with female oppression and not like all those silly prudish other girls who object to male violence.

I wonder if she watches porn and has learnt what (some) men want women to be like from there. Sounds like she's almost disappointed her husband isn't a vile misogynist (he sounds quite sweet).

But I think it's also all just an act and she gets to be happily married while fantasizing on stage about having an affair - I'm guessing if some bloke cornered her after the show she'd run a mile!

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