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The Winter Olympics: TV focussing only on men?

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GenderNo · 12/02/2022 15:04

My husband has been watching the Winter Olympics. I've been dipping in and out of it.

I realised today that every time it's on, it focusses on male athletes? I watch an hour of it today (BBC 2), and there wasn't a single woman competing?

Am I missing something? Angry

OP posts:

RagzRebooted · 12/02/2022 15:06

DH and I watched some on iPlayer, we watched the women's luge as it was the 1st luge we saw on the list and mixed doubles curling. The options on iPlayer seemed pretty evenly split.


ISpyCobraKai · 12/02/2022 15:06

I've watched loads of female Ice hockey.


onemouseplace · 12/02/2022 15:15

I’ve been watching the highlights package every evening and there is plenty of female sport covered, plus the studio presenting team is almost al female as well.


needmoreshinys · 19/02/2022 20:35

It has been fairly split, I am more pissed off they keep referring to the women as girls and then men as men


Mol1628 · 19/02/2022 20:56

I’ve watched a lot of the olympics and there’s been plenty of focus on female athletes across all the events.

Calling them girls does annoy me though as PP said.


MrWhippyBloon · 19/02/2022 21:03

I've watched loads of the winter olympics and it's evenly split. At certain times you might get three mens events in a row because of the timings of those events but then the following day you'll get the three corresponding women's events in a row so it evens up.


sillyrubberduck · 19/02/2022 21:55

I have watched a lot and agree 100% it is evenly split.


BasiliskStare · 20/02/2022 05:57

Women's curling team - brilliant - they have had loads of coverage ( I think ) & a gold medal

Lia Thomas competing in a women's competition - Not great in my opinion


AlexCabot · 20/02/2022 12:03

Anyone know why Bruce Moaut (silver medal) and not Eve Muirhead (gold medal) is carrying the flag in the closing ceremony?


nettie434 · 21/02/2022 06:35

Countries can now have one man and one woman as flag bearers. Eve Muirhead carried the flag in the opening ceremony along with Dave Ryding. At Tokyo, it was Hannah Mills and Mohamed Sbihi. However, it was just Laura Kenny at the closing ceremony so perhaps they are still only allowed one athlete at the closing ceremony?

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