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oopsIdiditagaintoo · 12/02/2022 14:36

I've just finished a part time MSc. My mum's friend's husband just said in his day you couldn't do degrees in typing 😤. It's in HR Management and I earn 55k a year. This guy is in his 70s and retired 20 odd years ago but that's no excuse.

I worked full time while studying and put blood, sweat and tears into it. Thank fuck he's not in the work place anymore.

Just had to vent.

OP posts:
anothersmahedmug · 12/02/2022 14:49


Part time - whilst holding down or job or looking after family is really hard

headintheproverbial · 12/02/2022 14:52

Trouble is that there are a ton of senior leadership positions held by people who worked for / were trained by / observed the behaviour of your mum's friend. We've got a long way to go before those types of attitudes are truly dead in the water.

Congrats on your MSc.

oopsIdiditagaintoo · 12/02/2022 15:00

Thanks both. Just feeling a bit deflated.

OP posts:
UsernameNotAvailableHmm · 12/02/2022 17:02

Don't let him spoil the joy of your achievement, well done and congratulations.

oopsIdiditagaintoo · 12/02/2022 17:30

Thank you.

OP posts:
oopsIdiditagaintoo · 12/02/2022 17:34

When I was looking for a job a few years ago he helpfully emailed over a list of admin jobs for me. Apparently I wouldn't have the brains to use the internet to find a job for myself.

OP posts:
oopsIdiditagaintoo · 12/02/2022 17:35

When it's actually him that doesn't have the brains to look at a job spec and CV and see whether they match or not.

OP posts:
Sexnotgender · 12/02/2022 17:37

What a twat.

Congratulations!! That’s a fantastic achievement.

oopsIdiditagaintoo · 12/02/2022 18:00


What a twat.

Congratulations!! That’s a fantastic achievement.

Thank you.

He is a twat. His owner daughter can't seem to stand him.
OP posts:
powershowerforanhour · 12/02/2022 22:36

What an arse. I have known a few, mostly older men, who the moment they pick up the remotest feminist vibe off me (something as harmless as not simpering and lapping up their theories of everything without question for hours on end for example ) latch onto it and enjoy trying to get a rise out of me. So tedious and they're usually dully predictable as well, you can see it a mile off. I just disengage usually.
Well done on the MSc. They don't hand those out on cornflake boxes.

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