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A mess of an article about Hefner

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ExtraPlinky · 12/02/2022 00:40

The writer is so desperate to be pro porn that it feels bizarre to read.

OP posts:

NumberTheory · 12/02/2022 01:45

That is some cognitive dissonance - I think. It seems so obvious to me that I can't quite work out whether her:

I have to imagine it would have been possible for Hefner to go about his activities at Playboy without surrounding himself with a cohort of “girlfriends”. The fact that he chose to do those things when he didn’t have to should have been – was – a massive red flag we collectively ignored because Hefner told us it was cool.

is just a bit of schtick to keep the pro-porn reading so they get to the bit where she says:
Perhaps because it’s not completely crazy to want to live in a world where men could surround themselves with women without seeking to exploit them. But this isn’t the world we live in, as Secrets of Playboy reminds us relentlessly, one testimony after the other.

But she has that bit at the start about second wave feminists being wrong about porn being inherently exploitative (and uses HRC's argument on sex work to counter it which doesn't address the issue of exploitation at all).

It really is a mess.


ExtraPlinky · 12/02/2022 01:49

Is she desperate to not be cancelled by the pro porn lobby? Hence why the constant disclaimers?

OP posts:

CaptainSmartarse · 12/02/2022 01:54

That's so grim.


NumberTheory · 12/02/2022 02:01


Is she desperate to not be cancelled by the pro porn lobby? Hence why the constant disclaimers?

Maybe. But I think it's also the case that a hell of a lot of younger women really haven't seen the awful side of the sex industry. They know a few women who get through college on only fans and meet activist women and lots of left leaning men who tell them they respect prostitutes and they think it's fine. And it really is a shock to them what men will do to vulnerable women if they're given the chance - they just haven't seen it.

What she probably hasn't realised is that half the "lovely" sensitive left leaning men she talks to about this will have taken advantage of vulnerable women themselves. They will have fantasised about being much like Heffner. They will have imagined what it's like to have a woman unable to say no to them and they will have engaged in opportunities to make that fantasy a reality. They will have ignored signs that a woman is unsure or not into it or out and out unable to say no. They just won't do it as obviously in front of the privileged, well-educated women like Michallon whom they pretend to be feminist to.

ExtraPlinky · 12/02/2022 11:09

This is so true - and yet they will not be spared from the fallout of pornsick men.

OP posts:
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