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RIP Diane Stewart

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MaitreKarlsson · 10/02/2022 08:05

As if the murder of Helen Bailey wasn't shocking enough. He also killed his first wife Diane and got away with it for years, pretending she'd had an epileptic fit, faking a call to emergency services, going to the funeral to play the grieving husband.
Not only ending her life, but taking her away from her sons and everything she held dear.
Finding this one deeply upsetting. What an absolute piece of scum.

He drugged Helen Bailey and made her think she was losing her mind. The cruelty is devastating.

OP posts:
Clymene · 10/02/2022 08:19

Those poor kids. I can't imagine how you begin to process this.

A greedy man devoid of humanity. Hope he rots in jail

Sharrowgirl · 10/02/2022 08:21

She was only 47. Her poor sons.

Grasping · 10/02/2022 08:21

This poor boys.
All those years thinking their father was grieving alongside them.

SwissBall · 10/02/2022 14:06

I’m glad the truth is finally out, though I agree it’s terrible for the boys.

EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 13/02/2022 21:25

What a relief for the family and friends of that poor woman.

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