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Feminism: chat

Those poor women in Foston Hall

3 replies

Nilbog · 09/02/2022 10:39

I’m listening to women’s hour and the inspectorate’s findings from the women’s prison in Derby is appalling.

Not responding to crisis situations, not knowing how to check voicemails (wtf?), record number of self-harm and calls to The Samaritans.

Did anyone else hear it?

OP posts:

ScrollingLeaves · 10/02/2022 16:19

I didn’t hear it but will listen later. Thank you for bringing it up.


OperationDessertStorm · 13/02/2022 09:58

I missed the WH but the story is awful. It’s such an incredibly vulnerable and ignored group.


EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 13/02/2022 11:05

The story was mentioned during the protest outside MoJ yesterday.

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