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Feminism: chat

"Cressida Dick has failed women" Joan Smith - UnHerd

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Abitofalark · 07/02/2022 13:41

"The Met's leader presides over a scandal-beset force"

The article highlights some of the most notorious incidents of police behaviour and the continuing rise in reported rapes and violence while raising issues about her role and position.

I wonder how much this is an intractable institutional problem or simply a failure of leadership by Cressida Dick. There's been both criticism and defence - the latter on the grounds of sexism and hostility to a woman in authority. As a woman, is it just not on for her to challenge and change a corrupt culture because her own position is always implicitly under question?

I don't know where the fault lies or what the answer is or how it's to be remedied. Nothing seems to work as it should in any of our public life and institutions. And the consequences for women are real and dangerous.

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