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Feminism: chat

EHRC new Chairwoman!

2 replies

ClaymationHeartsStillBeat · 31/01/2022 17:56

Maybe this has been shared already. If not...

"On taking up her post Falkner told The Times that women had the right to question transgender identity without fear of abuse, stigmatisation or loss of employment. Among her new commissioners is the barrister Akua Reindorf, whose eponymous report concluded Essex University breached its statutory duty to uphold free speech by deplatforming two feminist academics for “transphobia”. Falkner clearly does not believe that changing the legal definition of man and woman is, as Stonewall insists, “mere admin”.

OP posts:

EdithStourton · 31/01/2022 17:57

That looks hopeful.


thinkingaboutLangCleg · 01/02/2022 13:55

Very good news.

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