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How long did you live with DV?

17 replies

VelvetChairGirl · 26/01/2022 07:39

Just that basically I am curious to know how long abusive relationships tend to last?

mine lasted 14 years.

OP posts:

corlan · 26/01/2022 07:42

13 years. Got the courage to leave when I was pregnant.


hopeforlucky3 · 26/01/2022 08:14

Mines lasted 11yrs.


VelvetChairGirl · 26/01/2022 11:07

so is ten years then about the average?

OP posts:

RobotValkyrie · 27/01/2022 20:21

18 years because I was a child and the abuser was a parent.
They're still together, somehow...


TomAllenWife · 27/01/2022 20:30

First one 3 years
Second one 10 years


DoubleYouOhEmAyEn · 27/01/2022 20:35

10 years.


fantasmasgoria1 · 27/01/2022 20:37

10 years the first time and the second time it began after a few years so probably 17 in total


iklboo · 27/01/2022 20:39

14 years here too. It only ended when he left.


Flapjak · 27/01/2022 20:40

Too long


SunsetsAndLollypops · 27/01/2022 20:46

10 years first time. 4 years the second


UnsolicitedDickPic · 28/01/2022 00:06

Roughly 10 years. More emotional and financial with a smattering of physical. We only lived together for 7 of those years though.


AlwaysLatte · 28/01/2022 00:09

What is DV?


AlwaysLatte · 28/01/2022 00:11

Oh I just googled it. Sorry that is awful. So brave to put an end to it Thanks


UsernameNotAvailableHmm · 28/01/2022 19:03

The first time was 18 years, I had little choice as those were the first 18 years of my life.
Growing up I learned so much about men from my father.
The second time was only a few months.
I was able to notice the red flags very quickly, so maybe my father did me a favour after all, in a very unintentional way.


VelvetChairGirl · 28/01/2022 19:23


if anyone is wondering why I asked, its because the ex is still with someone (been a couple of years) and I find it hard to understand how she hasn't run a mile yet.

good to know I am normal and not a complete moron for ending up saddled with the sod so long.

OP posts:

UsernameNotAvailableHmm · 28/01/2022 19:33


Your ex may still be with someone but you don't know what kind of torment she is going through.
She could be planning her escape as we type.
I only wish everyone who needs to escape a horrible existence with another has the strength and means to do so.


gelatodipistacchio · 29/01/2022 01:01

I was with my emotionally abusive ex for 10 years.

I wonder the same about his new girlfriend.

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