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Feminism: chat

Dr Konstancja Duff

6 replies

ElenaCouch · 24/01/2022 14:40

I am pleased for the verdict for Duff and I wasn't actually aware of her longstanding civil suit against the MET until today.

But I found reading about it really uncomfortable. It's the top headline on the guardian at the moment, and I can't imagine the anguish of having all the comments made public. I know they must of been false but it's still, a very tainted "victory". I'm glad this woman has had some form of justice, I hope she got alot of money and I hope those offices are sacked for what she described as feeling like sexual assault.

OP posts:

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 24/01/2022 15:49

I agree. Utterly appalling. Taken in conjunction with all the other news stories about violent, predatory and bullying police officers and the abysmal clear up rates for real crimes vs the drop-of-a-hat arrests and cautions for non-crimes - I despair.


Fatherliamdeliverance · 24/01/2022 15:57

I fully agree there was no need to print the comments in full detail but I wonder whether in this case, Dr Duff may have permitted the Guardian to do so. I'm just speculating of course but she has been a campaigner against police violence and may have wished to show the extent of their sexually inappropriate behaviour and aggression during her ordeal.

If not then no victim should have those sorts of remarks printed about them without their permission. How upsetting.


ElenaCouch · 24/01/2022 17:05

I think you must be right. Even with permission to print the comments it must be extremely distressing and she will have made that sacrifice for truth in their complete corruption.

So terrifying to think you could follow all the laws but if they want to obtain and abuse you they can and will. :(

OP posts:

crosshatching · 24/01/2022 17:15

All that for the crime of trying to ensure a minor knew their legal rights. Sickening.


Isthatthebestyoucando · 24/01/2022 17:26

Disgusting, I'm glad this light is being shed on them if this is the accepted norm. I wonder how much will ever change though.
I'd like to know what happened to the individual officers.


endofthelinefinally · 24/01/2022 17:59

The Met really are an absolute shower. Disgusting. That poor woman must have been terrified.

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