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Feminism: chat

AA having a shocker

5 replies

Bearyhumcrack · 20/01/2022 06:38

On twitter last night. The president coming up with some quite amazing shite about the law.

OP posts:

rwalker · 20/01/2022 07:13

To an extent thats right would you prioritise a woman who's car wouldn't start on her drive over a man trapped on a live lane on dual carriageway with no hard shoulder.

who's more in danger in that situation .


sashagabadon · 20/01/2022 07:20

I think what they’ve got wrong is that they would prioritise location if breakdown first, ie. Drive less important than motorway but where location is the same they would prioritise lone female / kids.
That is reasonable to me.


sashagabadon · 20/01/2022 07:22

And using supermarket car park sexist example. Actually supermarket car parks in some locations can be dangerous especially at night if my local one is representative with cars doing spins and those little canisters everywhere!


Theunamedcat · 20/01/2022 07:26

Yes it is correct that they prioritise someone in a risky situation regardless of sex so motorways over driveways but women and people with children over men surely?

I'm paying a fortune for rac right now im going back to green flag soon they were always fantastic I say I've broken down they are on there way in minutes


Livelifeinthebuslane · 20/01/2022 12:07

I need to decide whether to renew my AA membership, they've apologised this morning for the wording and tried to backtrack a bit, but I've also seen someone quoting the RAC saying the same, and Green Flag haven't taken the opportunity to confirm what they do.

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