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Feminism: chat

Message from Rob Jessel

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Glinner · 19/01/2022 21:20

A message from Rob Jessel, who is the latest to be suspended from Twitter for highlighting the medical scandal of our age.

"My Twitter account was taken down today within hours of putting out a request to parents of autistic children with dypshoria. The tweet got shared a fair bit, but within hours I got an email from Twitter saying that I'd been permanently suspended for 'targeted harassment'.

I had made a few contacts before the ban but no longer have a way of getting in touch with them. If you were one of them, or know one of them, or if you are a parent who's been affected by this issue, please do get in touch at robjessel [at] g mail . com"

OP posts:

happydappy2 · 19/01/2022 22:01

one day, someone at Twitter will have to answer for the horrific hell site they are platforming. We can see what's going on...we know who is pulling strings and what they are guilty of


damibasiamille · 20/01/2022 13:16

Thank you, Glinner, thank you Mumsnet.

Godspeed to Rob Jenner's important work for autistic children.


Redshoeblueshoe · 22/01/2022 21:36

Thanks for posting


Soontobe60 · 22/01/2022 21:43

Does whomever runs Twitter have a God complex?

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