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Feminism: chat

Mass sexual assaults of women on New Year's Eve in Italy

8 replies

lonelyapple · 13/01/2022 09:31

This is appalling. Women should be able to go out and celebrate NY without fear of being assaulted! At least the police seem to have arrested some of the perpetrators.

OP posts:

Boood · 13/01/2022 14:29

At least the BBC have reported it- they didn’t with the Cologne attacks, did they?


deydododatdodontdeydo · 13/01/2022 14:35


At least the BBC have reported it- they didn’t with the Cologne attacks, did they?

There's a link right there in the article to their report:

PartyOnKale · 13/01/2022 17:26

The BBC were very slow to report the European 2015 NYE events.


Trainbear · 23/01/2022 14:08

I read about this on New year's Day. Yes it is slightly better that BBC have covered it. And here it is in mumsnet on 23rd of Jan with four comments. Fucking four - yes I know mine makes five.

Quite clearly noone gives a flying fuck. Obviously too controversial.


Cucumberpitta · 23/01/2022 14:15

Bound to happen more and more as time goes on. You can't expect men who have grown up in misogynistic cultures to suddenly abandon them once they reach western shores.


Feelingoktoday · 23/01/2022 20:28



EdithStourton · 23/01/2022 20:32

I've only just become aware of this - not sure at all how I missed it.

Bloody shocking.


nocoolnamesleft · 24/01/2022 00:02


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