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Feminism: chat

Joelle Taylor

5 replies

PriamFarrl · 11/01/2022 20:15

She’s just won the T S Elliot poetry prize.
I’ve just heard her talk on Radio 4’s Front Row about being a butch lesbian and what it means to have a female body.

Well worth a listen.

OP posts:

PriamFarrl · 11/01/2022 22:12

OP posts:

thinkingaboutLangCleg · 15/01/2022 08:21

Thanks for this, OP. I hadn’t heard of Joelle, but will look for her book now.


JoyousAsOtters · 17/01/2022 12:24

She's great:

this is her talking about her work

bishophaha · 17/01/2022 22:41

I didn't know who she was and clicked on a Graun article about her with the headline 'they are literally murdering us' with some trepidation but it was refreshing (and obviously terrible and rage-inducing re the events behind the headline).


FlibbertyGiblets · 23/01/2022 23:53

She is a brilliant poet, am delighted for her.
Angel is a fantastic poem, if you wanted one chosen at random to get a flavour.

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