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Feminism: chat

Radical feminism short fiction competition

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baddaytoquitsmoking · 11/01/2022 12:27

Heey up, haven't posted here in ever such a long time. How's everyone doing? Shaping up to be a mad year isn't it?

Our group, Northern Radfem Network, have been doing loads of exciting campaigns and projects and it occurred to us that we're often all politics, all the time and that there's such a rich surge of interest in feminism that we want to capture it in a more creative and expressive way.

We've launched this writing competition with the aim of publishing an anthology of stories directly from women in the movement, whether visible or anonymous, so we have a snapshot of what was on everyone's mind at this point in feminist herstory. The first prize is weekend tickets to the UK's only women only festival (details obviously on the down low for security reasons) and runner up prizes are NRFN merch and whatever else we can find that's exciting and trophyworthy.

Dunno if that thing that happens when ya try to put a link in the OP so will attempt it and if it doesn't work will repost.

Have at at ladies! Spread it around and let's make this happen!

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