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These articles are appalling - DM but photo not link

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Fallagain · 06/01/2022 17:13

I always browses the newspaper headlines on the BBC websites everyday. Not the headlines per se but the articles in the magazine for women just make me despair at the level of hatred towards women. I’m not why I’m posting, perhaps to share my feelings.

These articles are appalling - DM but photo not link
OP posts:
smileyemoji · 08/01/2022 00:12

I have sadly seen so many women hating articles aswell the past few days, it's pretty despairing

Thelnebriati · 08/01/2022 18:18

There used to be an active #waronwomen hastag on Twitter for sharing examples like that.

Serenschintte · 08/01/2022 18:24

The mansplaining one is ridiculous
I read the the abortion article - some men do want to keep the baby. Given that an unborn baby is half the mans and half the woman’s it’s not surprising their are a variety of views on this. The men’s mental health struggles are valid too.

UltraVividLament · 08/01/2022 20:40

Bloody hell, that's a pretty vile set of headlines.

Re the abortion headline, I find it extremely chilling the idea that men should have any kind of control over women making decisions about medical procedures on their own bodies. The biological reality is that whilst a baby is genetically 50% the father's DNA, it is 100% grown and hosted by the mother.

Do people really realise that what these men are asking for is the ability to control women's bodies against the woman's will?? Grim.

KimikosNightmare · 09/01/2022 02:54

The majority of the comments are along the lines of , yes it might be sad, and yes maybe men need some one to speak to, but no, they should have no say in the decision.

HoardingSamphireSaurus · 10/01/2022 11:26

Fucking hell. That article. I was all for him raising awareness, male MH needs more input and I can't imagine anyone disputing how hard this must be for some men. But

  • 4 month relationship
  • He was upset he wasn't allowed in to the first assessment There I was fighting to keep my child and yet the blanket assumption is that you’re forcing a woman into this. FFS! That makes me so bloody angry. My now DH wasn't allowed anywhere near me when I had my counselling session. Just as well as the consultant was a borish twat and DH would have thumped him. But he understood why it was essential that MY wishes were heard loud and clear.
  • Five years ago I wrote a book about relationships and one of the dedications was to “Joseph”. Everyone asked who he was, and I’ve kept it a secret — until now. So he made up a child and angsted about it and now wants the woman to know just how much she hurt him?

Why do men need to do this? Why can't they just stick to the first sentence and forget what comes after the but ?

He could have said "Our relationship was short and I was surprised by my depth of feelings. She made the right decision for her yet I still find myself wondering what if ? I needed more support. Support equivalent to that which she was offered. No, we both needed and deserved more!"

Then we would ALL be lauding him and backing his voice.
Whatwouldscullydo · 10/01/2022 11:57

There appears to be little in the way of recognition that maybe some of these women have first hand experience of the novelty wearing off with the men with regards to the babies and basically returning to the single life.

I've only ever met 2 single dads and one of those basically just kept palming the kid off onto girlfriend after girlfriend or his mum.

I actually find it quite hard to feel sorry for these men given so many seem to even need to be told what to do , how to do it etc and are often even next to useless.

I'm.sure I'll be pounced on for that though

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