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Feminism: chat

When people turn their comments off....

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bonfireheart · 04/01/2022 13:05

If you're so sure what you're saying is correct then why not engage in debate or just leave comments on but ignore them? Just find it telling that people will leave their comments on for all sorts of other conversations, but turn them off for anything connected with JKR....

When people turn their comments off....
OP posts:

TheGreatATuin · 04/01/2022 14:01

On the one hand, I do get it. If you know you're about to get a barrage of criticism or possibly abuse, but want to say your piece anyway, I think everyone has the right to do it.
I think Rosie Duffield has done so a few times. As an MP, she got a lot of abuse.
That said, I have very little respect for those who


TheGreatATuin · 04/01/2022 14:15

Posted only half. Sorry. It should finish:
... little respect for those who have made no attempt to engage or understand the issues and switching off replies is the equivalent of them sticking their fingers in their ears while pompously lecturing everyone else.

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