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Words With Friends games ads grrrr

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partystress · 28/12/2021 16:14

Spend more time than I should on Words, but I am getting more and more angry about the games they advertise. (I know if I wasn’t such a tight arse I could pay and get ad free, but that’s not the point.)

A lot of them seem to feature women (animated, Barbiesque) and sometimes children in some kind of distressing situation. Eg kicked out of the house by man and his new, hotter girlfriend and shivering in a tumbledown house, or a spider infested cellar. The one that has popped up today though has really got to me. The game is Project Makeover and one of the scenarios is a slightly disheveled (but still pretty hourglass) woman, in her PJs, carrying a baby, spotting her husband in a sports car kissing a very attractive and polished woman. Up pops the caption ‘Help her’ and then it looks like you have options to make her over. No options to get him to look after the baby for a while so she can have a shower, or a sleep Angry

What effing misogynistic shite it this? What does this tell us about the people who design these games? Does anyone play them?

OP posts:

BigbreastsBiggerbeard · 29/12/2021 15:18

Good grief, that sounds dreadful! Deleted Words with Friends a while ago, but that would really annoy me too.


BigbreastsBiggerbeard · 29/12/2021 15:19

And 'help her'? How is giving her a makeover going to help her?? That's mad.


Marylou62 · 29/12/2021 15:22

Not seen that one but playing scrabble there's loads with cartoon people drowning, killed by spikes, burnt.. It's awful.. I tend to close my eyes and wait for the ad to be over...


EmpressaurusWitchDoesntBurn · 29/12/2021 15:32

I loathe those too. There’s one that looked like fun from the puzzles in the ads, but when I downloaded it it went straight to scantily clad women. Pretty clear who they think their audience is.

And then there are the ones that talk about ‘brain age’ and ‘neurologists are begging you to play this…’ Half the time there are typos in the text.


kwiksavenofrillsusername · 29/12/2021 16:56

Drives me mad. I play a mobile game with quite a few ads and it’s always the same. Woman catches man cheating, goes to a freezing cold cabin, can’t fix the windows then freezes to death. Or you get a woman who wants to flirt with a guy but she’s hairy and has stink lines, so she gets a makeover. If you actually download the game it’s either one of those crap farm simulators where they constantly try to get you to buy coins, or a match three game.

They also have those adverts for games called Chapters or Episodes where it’s always storylines about seducing your boss. Boring.

They target the ads too. My DH only gets ads for shitty zombie and war games. He didn’t know what I was going on about when I was trying to explain these ads to him.


partystress · 30/12/2021 01:46

Glad it’s not just me. Think there must be pretty sick minds behind some of these. Although of course, so tame compared with so much of what is posted and served up online. Think I’ve reached the point where if I was in charge of the sliding doors moment of the birth of the internet, I’d be passing on it. (Irony of saying this on an Internet forum fully appreciated!)

OP posts:

TyneTeas · 30/12/2021 02:19

Yeah these grate on me too, along with the one that is about dressing up right to snare the rich man


Tableto · 30/12/2021 02:28

The ad sounds crap, but project makeover features men and women- each one has different interests and you decorate their homes and decide what they wear etc. None of the 'stories' have been about cheating, the women being desirable to men or anything like that. Yes I played it for a bit but quickly got bored!


Justkeeppedaling · 30/12/2021 02:48

I stopped playing WWF because I got fed up of the flirty messages from American men who were "working in the Gulf with the military" or "working in Alaska on a pipeline project".


TyneTeas · 30/12/2021 02:53

I had a falling out with Draw Something last year about how difficult it was to report abuse, then that their response was to just block the player, and then having blocked the player I kept getting nudges to play


Felix125 · 30/12/2021 09:20

I use to get loads of messages from people trying to scam me from all over the place. I just play games with people I know now.

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