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Feminism: chat

Minor example everyday sexism, BBC

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CheeseMmmm · 26/12/2021 21:40

Perfect thread for anyone who likes to say trivial why care etc!

Reading news. Article about Kenya using SM to find tax evaders.

Pic woman in bikini running on beach smiling towards camera.

Oh interesting, I thought. Something to do to do with beach/ holiday/ can't imagine.

Realised quickly nothing to do with anyone running on beach whether in bikini or not!

I thought this was on the way out with BBC and the like!

Noticed the other day COVID test pieces usually have woman with mouth wide open and test stick.
Thought well I mean it's related so very slight eye roll move on.

But scantily clad woman totally unrelated story? I really thought that was not about much at all!

Sigh. No hardly end of world. No I'm not going to complain. No I don't want to ban bikinis/ beaches/ cameras/ smiling, or cancel the BBC Grin

But hmph.

Oh lol just noticed the Kenya Revenue Authority is referred to throughout as the taxman. Also trivial. Also. Esp combined with picture.

OP posts:

SpiderFluff · 26/12/2021 21:57

Bit of a random photo choice isn't it!


CheeseMmmm · 26/12/2021 22:03

Just googling KRA and ended up their site and Twitter, good stuff!


(Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) is the Kenya Revenue Authority’s premier training school specializing in Tax and Customs Administration, Fiscal Policy and Management. )

Kenya Revenue Authority
Senior KRA women leaders led by Commissioner for Domestic Taxes, Mrs Rispah Simiyu, visited Alliance Girls High School this afternoon for a mentorship session as part of the activities to celebrate #Internationalwomensday2021


Women through all levels leadership KRA.


That was interesting little diversion. Know I know a little about Kenya Tax Authority which is way more than knew before!

OP posts:

CheeseMmmm · 26/12/2021 22:11


Bit of a random photo choice isn't it!


Having looked at KRA Google etc.

I've decided that sexy lady/ tax MAN is more rubbish than at first glance. Given the actual nature of the org when it comes to women.

I suppose a bit like um.
A Kenyan major news site doing a piece about our serious fraud office and using a pic of a woman in a bikini sunbathing in Hyde park.

It's.. totally random. And tbh really weird thing to do!
OP posts:

LateralFlo · 26/12/2021 22:11

Is the photo maybe illustrating the first part of the article ‘imagine you’re having a lovely holiday and feel tempted to put pictures on social media?’


LateralFlo · 26/12/2021 22:15

Agree about ‘taxman’ though. Tax office would work ok,


SmallElephant · 26/12/2021 22:17

I know this isn't AiBU... but YANBU.


LoveFall · 26/12/2021 22:21

Funnily enough I noticed that picture this morning and kind of raised my eyebrows.

The picture discouraged me from reading the article at the time as it looked like a bit of journalistic fluff instead of a serious article.

And taxman. Still?


CheeseMmmm · 26/12/2021 22:25


Well maybe... At a very big stretch!

I mean it's a little thing and I'm not saying my wtf is THE way it must be taken!

Lol I just read first chunk to DH and then showed pic.
He's a bit of a chronic devils advocate on my views comments on plenty of my Feminist related natterings.
He looked at photo and looked a bit frowny-confused and said simply.

OP posts:

CheeseMmmm · 26/12/2021 22:27

The KRA don't use the term taxman.

The fact they are using a host of advanced methods of identifying relevant SM posts from those targeted is vv interesting would have liked more info there.

It's the opposite of fluff piece!

OP posts:

donquixotedelamancha · 27/12/2021 09:22

I agree, that's a really unprofessional and sexist article.


gosling24 · 30/12/2021 20:07

Agree it is an example of everyday sexism. Aren't most tax evaders men in any case?

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