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Feminism: chat


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CindyLouWho1 · 21/12/2021 23:00

This evening I happened to look up the directors of some episodes of the new Hawkeye series, Bert and Bertie, who are a female directing team from the UK. (I think one might actually be South African but based here?) Anyway, this was one of the first photos I found of them. Gender-critical directors working in Hollywood! I’m amazed they got away with those t-shirts, especially working for Disney. It’s good to see some women taking a stand and speaking up, even in a small way.

OP posts:

Gottasinggottadance · 21/12/2021 23:02

This is good to see.


Athenajm80 · 21/12/2021 23:47

This is great to see. I love their whole style, I'd love to dress like that but am far too fat at the moment to pull it off! 🙂 I could do the t-shirt though


CheeseMmmm · 23/12/2021 02:54

We've just started this and it's really different to what expecting.

I enjoy marvel films, Hawkeye though. Always felt just, actor not good for this part. Bit dull, charisma well no. Not really convincing in part. Came across like pretty mundane bog standard bloke. Who somehow was in gang with the others.

Stated watching this and BOOM! That's who he is! Not terribly exciting, family chap etc.

Key female character. They work well together. She got charisma, kick ass stuff yep believable.

They nailed it imo.

And given marvel I was wow, how did this happen?

Didn't know women.

Any outrage on net at t-shirt?


CheeseMmmm · 23/12/2021 02:57

Quick Google seems not.

Tenner is apparently vv evil though. Didn't click to see why.


Winecheesesleep · 07/01/2022 22:14

Wow, that's surprising! I really enjoyed Hawkeye, loved the female characters in it and the New York Christmas vibe.


TheLeadbetterLife · 07/01/2022 22:17

Interesting! I liked the Hawkeye series a lot, mainly because all the female characters were outstanding. Goes to show…


Whatsnewpussyhat · 07/01/2022 22:21

Hawkeye was the best series so far.

All the female characters were strong.
Great action with enough humour.


mackerella · 07/01/2022 22:41

I've just googled and it looks as if it's a quote from their film Troop Zero, so not necessarily a GC statement (although I haven't seen the film, so don't know the context). They must know that people would view it as being GC, though, so presumably they don't mind that!


bellinisurge · 08/01/2022 08:57

Really enjoyed Hawkeye. Will enjoy it even more now.

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