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Feminism: chat


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sleepykits · 21/12/2021 22:07

I'm sure I'm late to the party but after watching movies like WonderWoman to as far as Peppermint...these female leads give me a sense of empowerment (maybe not morally!).

Men have had these lead figures forever. No wonder the pay gap is so - and other things of-course - just my gentle musings for a first feminist post.

OP posts:

MsGrumpytrousers · 22/12/2021 18:25

Yes, absolutely. These things make a difference. Doctor Who has had a lot of inspirational women in Chris Chibnall's scripts - Mrs Seacole in the last one I saw - it's just a shame he's not a better writer....

When you look at the percentage of male protagonists and even just background characters in children's tv and films, it's truly shocking how underrepresented women and girls are. It's a man's world.


GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal · 22/12/2021 19:08

I found the all female Ghostbusters empowering. Properly developed female characters who had interests and relationships that didn't revolve around men. I didn't realise how rare that was till that film.

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