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Liz Truss = "cheese lady"

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AuntyBumBum · 20/12/2021 14:02

Is it me, or is this nickname pure misogyny.

OP posts:
anniegun · 20/12/2021 14:15

No - she is awful and has said some spectacularly idiot things. As she is likely to replace Johnson people need to know who we are getting. The contrast between our leaders and the likes of Angela Merkel is frightening

anniegun · 20/12/2021 14:16
SpindleWhirling · 20/12/2021 14:27

Liz Truss has been strong on one thing, that biological sex is real. But on that she is merely stating a fact that is accepted by the vast majority of the British people. While I'm grateful she's not a lunatic equivalent of a flat-earther, it's not really the work of a political genius.

Liz Truss as an overall politician is not my kind of politician really. I don't like the economic policies she supports, I don't think much of her personal 'Hancockian' moral choices, and I remain unconvinced that she is up to the top job. She's no worse that Johnson though. If he had a clumsy 'cheese episode' many people would be laughing with him not at him; so I do see the misogyny.

And again, she has held the line on gender woo, I acknowledge she has done that. I'd rather her than waiting-in-the-wings Penny Mordaunt, who is shit all round, or the odious Gove.

Deliriumoftheendless · 20/12/2021 17:43

I think the nickname is because she was really cringy when talking about cheese (as the above clip shows).

It’s not a nickname that comments on her appearance or intelligence or personal life so I’d say it’s fairly mild tbh.

SantaClawsServiette · 20/12/2021 17:59

It's not like there aren't any other political figures who have been made fun of for some sort of dorky qualities. In some cases despite them not being too bad all things considered. Liz Truss, whatever her other qualities good or bad, isn't super-charismatic which often seems to be the main protection against this kind of nickname.

OldaRailer · 20/12/2021 18:01

I'm sure she'll cope.

SantaClawsServiette · 20/12/2021 18:05

OP, I'm really curious, what is it about this that makes you think it's misogynistic?

PatriotCanes · 20/12/2021 18:09

I don't think it's misogynistic to point out she's a shit politician. She's not a shit politician because she's a woman, it's because her politics are shit Grin

I once saw her stutter over an answer and then run away from the camera during the interview but at least she didn't hide in a fridge and she knows women have vaginas, Nick.

Needmoresleep · 23/12/2021 20:00

I bumped into a senior lobbyist I know. An arrogant man who knows everyone and regularly dines with Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors and the like. I asked about Truss who is very popular amongst ordinary Tories as opposed to those in Westminster circles.

He was scathing, and claimed to have no idea why she had such a following. I could not be bothered to explain as he would simply have mansplained why women’s issues were not important for voters.

My reading was that some men don’t like her as a northern Grammar school girl she is not very clubbable. They feel more comfortable with Etonians, or failing that, a Wykehamist.

About a month later I saw his wife. She was impressed by what Truss was doing for women. I doubt she can be bothered to explain to her husband either.

Interestingly the Mail, who were never that keen on Boris, have run stories over the last couple of days about No 10 briefing against Truss. It seems as if the daggers are out.

VikingVolva · 23/12/2021 20:20

It's similar to how the 'share or shaft' clip dogged Kilroy-Silk. It's a repeated HIGNFY joke, and she is far from being the only butt

Needmoresleep · 23/12/2021 21:02

My observation is that female politicians are more likely to receive “she is awful” more comments.

Someone I know did this regularly on Fb, until I finally picked her up on it. (Not something I normally do, but I would wince each time. Why can’t people focus on policies rather than the personal, or shoes and wardrobe.) My Fb friend surprisingly was gracious enough to acknowledge that she had never noticed how much personal criticism was skewed towards female politicians. I suspect that this is quite common and is something both men and women do.

PearPickingPorky · 24/12/2021 14:36

Well, the cheese gaff was hardly in the same stratosphere as the incompetent idiocy of Boris, Raab, Hancock, Williamson, et al makes on a frequent basis. But they are let away with it. She is not because people like to make women feel humiliated.

Saucery · 24/12/2021 14:40

It was a cringe-inducing speech but I bet there isn’t a single male politician who hasn’t done similar and their less than brilliant moments aren’t churned out over and over again.

KrispyBrussels · 24/12/2021 20:44

It was nowhere near as bad as Peppa pig speech.

deydododatdodontdeydo · 26/12/2021 11:28

Well, the cheese gaff was hardly in the same stratosphere as the incompetent idiocy of Boris, Raab, Hancock, Williamson, et al makes on a frequent basis. But they are let away with it

Yep, they get away with it Hmm

No one ever makes fun of Boris or Hancock Hmm
There's literally a song at #5 in the charts called "Boris Johnson is Still a F*ing C**t.
It's not misogyny.

KrispyBrussels · 26/12/2021 15:16

There has been widespread public anti Johnson chanting recently.

SantaClawsServiette · 26/12/2021 16:45

People always make fun of BJ for being an idiot.

In truth I think BJ gets away with a lot because he can be quite charming and funny under the right circumstances. Whereas Liz Truss is a more normal or average sort of personality.

Then you get the Ed Millibands of the world who are undone over something stupid like a sandwich photograph. Here in Canada we had Stephan Dion, who was in many ways an excellent PM candidate, but was undone because he seemed like a dork when speaking English.

None of it has much to do competence, or the sex of the person, it's very much about how the personality captures people's imagination, and it can be quite fickle and arbitrary.

xxyzz · 26/12/2021 20:52

Well, Miliband effectively didn't become PM because he ate a bacon sandwich funny

So not sure it's limited to women.

AuntyBumBum · 27/12/2021 23:26

A result for the Liz Truss. We'll certainly be exporting less, and if the UK becomes the only market for British cheese then supply/demand might make it cheaper.


OP posts:
gorseinon · 30/12/2021 17:02

I don't think the cheese story is what will stop Liz Truss becoming Tory leader, but other double standards.

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