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Feminism: chat

“Ladies, if you were really being oppressed by men, we wouldn’t let you have Feminism, trust us”

17 replies

recall · 16/12/2021 14:36

I kid you not ….12:13
OP posts:

Littlechef11 · 16/12/2021 15:23

What the actual f**k.
What a vile pair.
I am stunned at the level of misogyny.

Very irritating, insecure little men.


recall · 16/12/2021 16:55

I knoooow, and talk with such authority too

OP posts:

donquixotedelamancha · 16/12/2021 17:12

I was convinced it was going to be a joke that you'd misinterpreted. Boy was I wong. That is a very deluded pair of fellas.


ProudThrilledHappy · 16/12/2021 17:15

retired navy seal Rich Graham shares what led to divorce with his now ex wife.

I didn’t watch the video but I’m guessing the answer is because he’s a massive twat?


JSL52 · 16/12/2021 17:21



ParsleySageRosemary · 16/12/2021 17:39

But they are stopping us from 'having feminism' aren't they? Between the rejuvenated and fully equipped idea that women are only valuable for looks and as sex objects, to decorate the men as they strut around ever more aggressively flexing their muscles with the full backing of the law: and the bloody trans activism, in favour of men wanting to be women even while the majority of true trans are female to male.

Fucking shits.


MuchTooTired · 16/12/2021 17:54

Didn’t occur to the silly twits that they could stay home and raise the babies did it? Why does the woman have to Jack it all in and they don’t? Probably because as Rich on the left says, the first 3.5-4 years are fucking hard. Pricks.


HoardingSamphireSaurus · 16/12/2021 17:55

A compliment to a man's life?

A real wife, serve her husband; a real sahm mother, home school the kids.

But he man knows his worth, his potential. So that's OK!?!?!
But no, silly women want to be independent of us men, especially silly bearded twats opining as if their voices were actually important to anyone other than themselves, and other ageing incels.


recall · 16/12/2021 18:28

unreasonabubble what a bellend 🤣

OP posts:

HoardingSamphireSaurus · 16/12/2021 18:48

God, those replies.

Restores your faith in humans 😆


TheWeeDonkey · 18/12/2021 04:27

From what I've seen it just seems like a really bizarre video. He says from the start they had clashing spiritual beliefs which were important to both of them and he wanted kids whereas she didn't and then seems surprised that 5 years down the line this is what lead to their divorce.

This has nothing to do with women are x men are y. Just 2 people who weren't compatible for a long term relationship. There's nothing unusual in that but its interesting how he extrapolates that into "women who don't serve my needs are bad"


TheWeeDonkey · 18/12/2021 04:41

I finished watching it. What a tedious pair. It makes me sad for people like this, their basic failing is that

1, they don't see women as fully actualized people

2. They don't see relationships/ marriage as a partnership between two people.

and of course they spout this bullshit to impressionable young people who believe this is why they can't maintain successful relationships.


TheOldRazzleDazzle · 19/12/2021 23:46


God, those replies.

Restores your faith in humans 😆

Wish I’d seen those replies. Most of what I saw in the comments was the usual red pill manosphere shite. There was a delightful comment agreeing that feminism is a privilege granted by men because Afghanistan is what happens when it isn’t. I don’t know what kind of mindset you have have to have to see not-Afghanistan as privilege. I mean, I see NOT treating other people with dignity and allowing them freedom as a moral impossibility, so to do so is not some favour Im granting. It is the only possible option.

I stay away from this sort of content generally as it is genuinely bad for my mental health. Years ago I got curious about all this stuff and spent hours reading blogs and forums, and it took me to a really dark place to see just how many men are seething with extreme hatred for women.

Deadringer · 21/12/2021 10:04

I don't think he mentioned it at all, but he was a navy seal. Hmm


ImmutableSexQueen · 21/12/2021 10:21

But no-one 'lets' me have feminism. I take it for myself.


EmpressCixi · 21/12/2021 10:22

That’s idiocy. There are many levels of oppression. It’s not a binary off/on.

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