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Feminism: chat

The historical torture of women is funny *MNHQ content warning*

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Rno3gfr · 14/12/2021 02:23

The comments to this video are appalling:

“Wouldn’t want to be a Karen in medival England”

“They need to bring this back for Karen’s”

“A historical look at Karen’s”

“A great stool for a Karen I would say”

“Such a stool would solve a lot of modern problems”

“I wonder why women were punished by the law more than men 🤣”

“Oh the good old day”

“Bring that back”.

All quoted by men. I have reported all to Facebook. I have saved the screenshots. Is this hate speech?

The historical torture of women is funny *MNHQ content warning*
OP posts:

DynamiteFilledRadish · 14/12/2021 09:23

I would say it is but hate speech against women is accepted, allowed, ignored, laughed off.


MrsTerryPratchett · 14/12/2021 15:39

I reported something for hate speech against women on FB the other day. They replied in about 20 seconds with 'no'. Almost like they didn't even consider it.


nocoolnamesleft · 15/12/2021 19:09

Definitely sounds like hate speech against women. So no one will care.


Leaveitonthefloordrobe · 19/12/2021 08:25

Sounds like it to me. Similar to if people called for lynchings to be brought back. That would be completely unacceptable and, I'm guessing, rightfully removed. I have no idea why comments like these are seen as acceptable.

And also, I really hate the use of "Karen".


RaPumPumPumPum · 19/12/2021 09:19

The term ‘Karen’ is now a slur that’s a free pass for thinly veiled misogynists to make sexist comments under the guise that they’re right-on and ‘being kind’.


Leaveitonthefloordrobe · 19/12/2021 12:53

Any woman with an opinion is now described as a "Karen". It's just yet another way to try to silence women. Used by both men and women!


EightWheelGirl · 19/12/2021 19:06

The Karen situation has become a weird one. It's lost its original meaning, as many have pointed out, and now just means any difficult woman. Often also any women who raises a complaint.

However, I'm also uncomfortable with banning it because one of the original uses adopted was by POC to document the way white women treated them (e.g. Central Park Karen and the other 'Karen' who was trying to call the police on her black neighbour - accusing him of being an intruder because it couldn't possibly be that a black man owned a house in that neighbourhood).

It seems a bit off for predominantly white people to co-opt a phrase used by POC, change the meaning, and then say nobody is allowed to use it anymore. But that's where we are now and it defo won't go back in the box.

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