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Feminism: chat

Wifework and Christmas

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Etinoxaurus · 13/12/2021 19:20


Have you seen this? Reminds me of a heated discussion I had with a male colleague. We were both mature students and he was saying it was so great his big essay deadline was just before Christmas as he could relax and enjoy the day. The thought of another pre Christmas task had me in inchoate rage on behalf of his female peers. Is the tutor male I wondered?

OP posts:

KimikosNightmare · 14/12/2021 00:13

It is obvious from the Christmas threads that women create ridiculous and pointless work for themselves at Christmas.


GreenEyeOfTheLittleYellowGod · 14/12/2021 00:27

I'm a student currently with Christmas deadlines and I never even thought about it. But then I don't really do any 'wifework' as it were. Maybe if I took all those responsibilities on then I'd feel differently but it never occurred to me to do so. We should say no more often.


NumberTheory · 14/12/2021 02:00

While there are certainly of examples of women creating work that they don't have to, research shows that women get judged more harshly than men when the domestic sphere is seen as below an acceptable standard (and the acceptable standard is higher when a woman lives somewhere than when it's just a man). Being social creatures, this means the fall out for women who do not put in more effort is greater than it is for men. (Talking in generalized class terms).


Snoozer11 · 14/12/2021 16:55

No one is forcing either you or any of your friend's female peers to do 'wifework'. Christmas always brings out the martyrs.


UltraVividLament · 14/12/2021 17:31

The imbalance in the amount of work in the home that women do is definitely caused by women inventing it for themselves HmmDefinitely nothing at all to do with general socialisation of men and women, or any of the points NumberTheory mentioned.

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